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RayStation provides all necessary manual and automatic tools to create high-quality 3D-CRT plans in an efficient and consistent way.

3D-CRT planning/ rayConformal

rayConformal provides conventional 3D-CRT forward treatment planning with manual and automatic tools to create conformal treatment using treat-and-protect, beam weighting, wedges etc.

It also makes modern inverse planning techniques available for creating conventional 3D-CRT plans. 3D-CRT plans can be automatically optimized with respect to any combination of segment shapes, segment monitor units, collimator, gantry and couch angles. This makes the creation of high quality 3D-CRT plans faster and more consistent.

  • Beam aperture with MLC and blocks
  • Shielding blocks
  • Circular cones
  • Tools for drawing and manipulating apertures in BEV
  • Automatic computation of apertures based on target ROIs and OARs
  • Merging of beams for field-in-field planning
  • Direct optimization of 3D-CRT treatment parameters, such as leaf positions, beam weights, wedge angles, wedge fractions, collimator angle, gantry angle and couch angle
  • Support for all MLC equipped Elekta, Varian and Siemens Linacs

Watch demonstration of rayConformal